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Office Depot Savings with Buying Power

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One of Buying Power’s premium discount offerings is our Office Depot Program.  We have been partnered with Office Depot for over 20 years.  Our discount plan is among the best that Office Depot has to offer, and we pride ourselves on the savings that we provide for our members.

We offer a list of over 1400 products that are heavily discounted. This list is customizable to the needs of your company, and the products that you purchase most frequently. Also, we have hundreds of other items in both the technology and furniture categories with 10% off web pricing.  In addition, our program offers Net 30 terms to those members that qualify, and free next day shipping for orders over $50.  

With all of these features, our members get savings and benefits that are hard to match. This is saved money that you can have to use toward your bottom line or in other needed areas. 

Become a Buying Power member today! If you have any questions about our program, our team is here to help. 

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