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How to Save Money with Billshark

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Did you know that 8 out of every 10 people overpay for their internet and wireless phone bills? Most likely this is due to rate increases over time, and the fact that people just don’t have the time to call companies to get better pricing.  

This is where Billshark, a company backed by Mark Cuban, comes in. They negotiate pricing for internet, wireless, Pay TV, and satellite radio.  They are experts at reaching the correct people, and negotiating the best possible pricing for their customers. The cost for the program is 40% of the savings they provide.  If they don’t find any savings, there is no charge.   

We are proud to have Billshark as a partner.  Buying Power members can sign up through our website, and save an additional 5% on total fees charged (see our website for full details).  

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