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For those that are unfamiliar, Great Wolf Lodge is a national hotel chain centered around kid-focused, climate-controlled, indoor water parks. The resorts usually have other attractions, including mini golf, ropes courses, multiple restaurants and cafés, arcades, and bowling alleys. There are many locations in the United States and Canada. Great Wolf has an antidote to boredom for the whole family under one roof, without the expense and commitment of a Disney theme park.

The Great Wolf Lodge experience starts once you enter the main lobby. There are fake pine cones on the lampshades, fake bears and wolves on the walls, and high ceilings with wood beams. It is completely charming and makes you feel like you are in the great outdoors. The rooms follow the same theme. Many of the rooms are setup like a log cabin, with log beds, and bunk beds hidden away in wolf dens. The dining is a pleasant surprise too. From quick and convenient to five-star dining, your entire crew is sure to be pleased with the options. And last, but most definitely not least, are the waterparks. The pools and waterslides are enormous, and fun for those of all ages.

With many locations across the US and a location in Canada, Great Wolf is probably not too far of a drive to experience fun for the whole family. My family has been there on many occasions, and we have lots of great memories.  I definitely recommend the hotel chain, and look forward to going back soon! 

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