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The Many Benefits of Group Purchasing Organizations

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There are many benefits to joining a group purchasing organization (GPO), such as lower cost of products that are purchased from suppliers, lower shipping costs, centralized ordering, and support from the organization itself. 


Reducing Costs for Goods and Services 

One of the main functions of a group purchasing organization is to bring together small businesses to enhance their overall buying power. They will then consolidate the buying power from these businesses in order to negotiate better pricing. This is known as “group purchasing”.  Small businesses can enjoy the discounts normally reserved for big box, national, and international businesses. 

Saving Money on Shipping 

Many suppliers will waive freight and shipping charges for large orders. Your GPO may be able to negotiate discounted rates or free shipping with certain suppliers based on the overall buying power of the group.   

Saving Time  

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, time is one of your most valuable assets. A GPO can make it easier to get everything you need from one place. Whether you’re setting up a new office or you just want to order printer ink and paper once a quarter, being able to buy everything with your GPO discount is simply more efficient. 

Offering Member Support 

Some purchasing groups don’t just provide group purchasing options, they play an active role in supporting and furthering the interests of their members. They will provide additional services, such as being an advocate with issues you may have with specific suppliers.  

Become a Buying Power member today and receive all of these benefits and more!  Membership is free! 

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